Architecture & Naming for 3 Suites, 20 Products

Instar Analytics
Instar Planning
Instar Social

NameGirl was invited by Aspire Creative, UK, to create names for a matrix of 20 new and existing products for Kantar Media UK.  They wanted to modernize the existing names while building on the substantial brand equity of names like PeopleMeter, and asked us to create a convention for the product names with guidelines in place for naming future products.

The first to launch are a suite of Twitter TV Ratings analysis tools, created as a result of Kantar Media’s global partnership with Twitter. Broadcasters, media agencies and advertisers can use Instar Analytics, Instar Planning and Instar Social’s interactive online dashboard to view and analyze data alongside their existing TV analysis tools. The Instar suite of tools offers unparalleled insights into social TV audiences. The countries included in the launch are UK, Spain, the Nordics, Russia, and parts of Africa and Southeast Asia.

Instar is a word from Latin (“likeness, form, value”) first used in 1895 to mean to stud or adorn with stars, or to make a star of.  Since Kantar Media, the global leader in audience measurements and insights, is in essence measuring “likes,”  the name blends metaphorically and organically  with the master brand Kantar (whose meaning is related to “measurement” and “weighing”).  Just as important, it blends euphonically and poetically:  Kantar Instar.  It has plenty of “legs,” it is also a suite name for any future product ranges.  Interestingly, it is a word that went out of use around 100 years ago.  (The amateur etymologist in me loves to bring back a word as poetic as this!)

It works fluently in Kantar’s British, Spanish, EU and Russian markets.  Since it not a common word in use, it was available for trademark in multiple global markets, a feat in and of itself nowadays.

Aspire Creative did a mammoth amount of research and foundation building that we constantly referred to so that we could then create names that linked with each other seamlessly and organically across three suites. Aspire reclassified and clarified the product values and attributes and interrelationship with Kantar on an ongoing basis.  Aspire and I then worked together to name and rename the products, all the while making sure product benefits were aligned across and within the newly created suites.

It was a multi-product, multi-language, multi-country, multi-team, multi-month, multi-spreadsheet, naming and brand architecture project!

[quote_box author=”Kantar Media
(through Aspire Creative UK)” profession=””]Sincere thanks to you and the team so much again for your efforts on this incredible herculean effort – the team and I really appreciated it.” [/quote_box]


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