Genuity Science

Global genomics company rebrand from:  WuxiNEXTCODE & Genomics Medicine Ireland

WuxiNEXTCODE and Genomics Medicine Ireland approached NameGirl for a new global brand name to help them formalize a restructuring to integrate their U.S., Ireland and Iceland operations and separate from WuXi NextCODE’s Shanghai operations. Headquartered in the US, this global genomics company is on an extraordinary mission to harness the power of genomic insights and AI to catalyze precision health and improve the quality of life for patients around the world. Their Cohorts Analytics Platform has been called, “The world’s leading platform for storing, sharing, and interpreting massive sets of genomic data,” by FastCompany.


  • Global rebrand from M&A of multiple companies
  • Name that works across multiple languages, countries and cultures
  • Both D2C and B2B markets
  • Global trademark availability
  • Global domain availability
  • Consensus building across three countries


We kicked off the project with a collaborative naming workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spearheaded by Amy Swearingen, VP, Corporate Communications & Brand (who HQs in Ireland) and Cara Harrington, Director of Marketing Services. This brought together key stakeholders from multiple countries, including many of the internationally recognized and brilliant scientists whose research and discoveries have improved lives.   It was a key step in the research and immersion of this project that enabled Kim to hear stories about the brand directly from key stakeholders.

From the workshop, NameGirl structured a Naming Brief with a comprehensive list of criteria.  The marketing team and NameGirl iterated for weeks, brainstorming and giving feedback until we had distilled down all the requirements into a strategic shortlist of powerful, targeted names that told the story of the new rebrand, had passed preliminary global trademark screening and had smartly matching domains available.

NameGirl then performed deeper preliminary global trademark screening, and debriefed and introduced an IP attorney to finalize the naming process.

“Our new name, Genuity Science, better reflects the company’s structure, mission and strategic direction and signifies the ingenuity, insights and innovation of our approach,” said VP of Brand and Communications Amy Swearingen.

See more in a video about the global rebrand launch here: GenuitySciLaunchNews.


  • Global rebrand – master brand name
  • AI, biotech field naming
  • Preliminary global TM screening in US, UK, EU
  • Global domain selection
  • Debriefed and provided intro to IP attorney, understanding of global trademarking
  • Collaborative workshopping, brainstorming and consensus building

“We collaborated with Kim on a journey to develop our new global brand. Our process involved not only our executive leadership team but also facilitated workshops with other cross-functional/cross-geography teams. After working together for several weeks, we selected the final name that was both competitively unique and also representative of our company values. It was great that our new brand also met the high bar of availability in a challenging multi-country trademark environment. It was great to have Kim’s expertise and creativity throughout the process. We are really happy with our new brand!”

Disruptive Start-up On A Mission

Varo Bank recently made history by becoming the first 100% digital, mobile-first, national bank, providing digital banking services to 180 million Americans  currently underserved by the traditional banking system.  CEO and Co-Founder Colin Walsh approached NameGirl pre-launch to create a name for this disruptive start-up on a mission to bring financial inclusion and opportunity to all. 


  • Extremely crowded fintech space with both established, traditional banks and new fintech apps
  • Name available in Apple and Android App store and trademark
  • B2C Domain that was intuitive and easy.
  • Help disruptive start-up differentiate from traditional banks but retain trustworthiness, not too quirky.


  • Brand Naming
  • Millennial market
  • App Store Naming & Clearance in both Apple and Android
  • Preliminary TM screening
  • Exact Match Domains (EMD)
  • Rush Service

The name Varo embodies the user experience of this AI-powered, digital bank – frictionless, adaptive, agile and powerful. At the same time, Varo is friendly and approachable; their slogan is A bank for all of us.

Varo comes from the root of the word levare, to lift or elevate, in Latin which fits perfectly with their mission to elevate and lift up underserved consumers and improve their financial life, build credit and more. “We want to help people climb up a very broken credit ladder,” says Colin.

Inspired by the Latin root to lift, elevate, levare. In Mexico: money. In Italian: launch.

Future-forward, sleek, frictionless, fluid, agile, powerful. Sounds like arrow. Friendly, approachable.

While definitions are important, the emotional association of a name will always be most powerful to the consumer

“We approached NameGirl to find a name for our new AI mobile banking company. Kimberly jumped right in and immersed herself in researching our market and company concept. She quickly turned around a highly creative and strategically targeted set of names, of which Varo was the perfect fit for our vision and customer segment. I highly recommend Kimberly. She’s got the smarts and creativity to get it right!”

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