About NameGirl

NameGirl® combines Kim Smith’s 25+ years as a bilingual, international marketing exec and writer for all your strategic naming and verbal branding needs.

NameGirl was founded in 2011 by Kim Smith, a former VP/Dir. of marketing, author, and playwright to focus exclusively on naming and verbal branding. NameGirl combines her creativity and love for language with her deep experience across marketing, sales and branding.  Kim was a marketing & sales exec for Cartier Lunettes in Canada and the US, and an internet strategist/business development consultant for Monster.com/TMP Agency.

Fluent in French, her first language, and with a working knowledge of Spanish, Kim grew up listening to a multitude of languages in polyglot Miami and Switzerland, where her mom was born.

“My mom spoke five languages, in Switzerland, that’s not unusual. My grandmother spoke seven, and she loved to talk about words, how fascinating they were, how a word in one language could be traced to another language, the story behind the words… She had rooms lined with books floor to ceilings, some four hundred years old. I would spend hours reading in her apartment overlooking Lac Leman.

That’s what I look for now, when I am naming, what is the story behind the words? And does it match up to the brand’s story? When it does, it’s magic.

Naming is a natural extension of story-telling to me. You’re reducing a company’s story down to its most minimal form, like a Haiku.”

When she’s not naming, Kim is working on a screenplay adaptation of a comedic play she wrote and directed in 2018.  On weekends, she enjoys the great outdoors or writing six words stories with her kids, e.g. “It’s the words unsaid that linger,”  “Moments are best when you’re there.”  (Visit www.sixwordmemoirs.com.)

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Principal, Founder & Naming Ninja


Writing and Storyteller Highlights

Moth Radio & podcast storyteller, 2020

Three one-act plays produced in Boston metro-area, 2017-2018.

Short story author
Short stories published in book anthologies (HarperCollins, not self-published!), online literary journals, and top newspapers 1992 to present.

Former journalist
Published articles, interviews and creative nonfiction in major newspapers, international and national books, online, magazines, radio and podcasts.

One feature-length and one short screenplay under way!