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NameGirl® was founded by Kim Smith, a former VP/Dir. of marketing, author, playwright and former journalist to focus exclusively on naming and verbal branding.

NameGirl® combines her 20+ years as an international marketing exec and storyteller for a truly original, international point of view for strategic naming and verbal branding needs.

As an Internet Strategist for Monster.com, Kim consulted with Fortune 500 companies in New England on building private label web solutions. She was formerly a VP & sales/marketing director for national and international companies such as Cartier, where she learned some great lessons on branding.

Kim’s short stories and flash fiction are currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles (in a real book), iBook, iTunes, Wraparound South, Yahoo!, Medium and the Moth Radio Hour & Podcast.   She’s written feature articles and short stories for  newspapers, magazines and  books, had several one-act plays performed and is currently working on a screenplay about her hometown, Miami.

Kim loves to write six words stories (www.sixwordmemoirs.com) in her “spare time” with her kids.  (Favorites include, “It’s the words unsaid that linger.”  “I didn’t forget, just didn’t remember.”  “The truth isn’t worth lying about.”  “Moments are best when you’re there.”)

Kim brings to the table a linguistic fluency that gives you an edge with names that are unique and recognizable in the new global economy.

Fluent in French, her first language, and with a working knowledge of Spanish, Kim grew up listening to a multitude of languages in Miami. She spent summers in polyglot Switzerland where her mom was born.

“My mom spoke five language, in Switzerland, that’s not unusual. My grandmother spoke seven languages, and she loved to talk about words, how funny they were, how one word in one language meant something in another. She had rooms lined with books, floor to ceilings, some four hundred years old.  I would spend hours reading in her apartment overlooking Lac Leman.  She introduced me to Hemingway, Steinbeck…but short stories remain my favorite.  Naming is a natural extension of story-telling to me.  You’re reducing a company’s story down to its most minimal form.  It’s a process of reduction, reducing it down to its essential elements.”