All nonprofits share a common dream: to make the world a better place. They also share a common reality: they rely on donors and funding to keep working toward their goals.

That’s where Eleo comes in. The people behind Eleo believe that every nonprofit—no matter its size—should have access to affordable, comprehensive online donor management software to support its crucial fundraising and donor cultivation tasks. So that’s exactly what we’ve developed.

Eleo is a product of Community Software Solutions, Inc. (CSS), a company whose specialized software has supported the social programs of numerous nonprofits and government organizations since 1991. Eleo grew out of CSS founder and CEO Mark Grossman’s commitment to supporting the vital role nonprofits play in our society. Mark realized that the company’s data management and tracking technologies could be applied to provide nonprofits large and small with useful, niche-specific, user-friendly tools to help them make the most of their donor cultivation and fundraising efforts.

Support for philanthropic work is at the heart of Eleo’s mission: our name takes its inspiration from the Greek goddess Eleos, the personification of charity and compassion (the English word eleemosynary, meaning “pertaining to charity,” stems from similar Greek roots). Our staff members are deeply engaged in charity work—both as active volunteers and as donors and supporters—and we believe in the power of nonprofits to bring about positive change.

Your organization has important work to accomplish. We want to help you make a bigger difference in the world by giving you access to software specifically designed to increase your donor cultivation and fundraising results, so you can spend your time and energy where it matters most.