Created an entirely new international word/name for this hi-tech start-up company- using my knowledge of international phenomes. (Pan = all, Via – roads, all roads; this is a type of search engine.) All URLs were free, and thus a name with NO search engine competition! Top of the search results effortlessly. This is a global name that is memorable and recognizable in many languages. Currently consulting with them on their multimillion business development proposals.

Because this is not a generic / descriptive name, e.g. not a computer high tech description, we are going to always be first in search results when someone types our name. This is like having a name like Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts. Ask me for more information on the advantage of not having a descriptive name and when it is best to choose this option. It is not for everyone.

Challenge:  In the jam-packed Interactive Marketing Agency space, find a brand name that immediately says “We are creative” – and find one that is not in use nationwide, available for trademark AND has a matching .com. !! We were up against some of the most creative minds on the planet.  Adding to the challenge was her location in Beverly Hill, California, a very competitive landscape.

Flare fits the bill. It’s creative, bold, intriguing, powerful; it’s memorable, and has imagery and poetry. It sounds great on the phone. Yet, it’s still neutral enough to imprint whatever the client wants, and can be modified from time to time.
We worked on our domain strategy very closely, often communicating several times a day. was available for $9.99 when I named it – the next week it was on sale for $700. For this reason, if my favored name has an available URL I will usually buy it for you and hold it. She bought and was able to get for $350 (less than asking) when it became available a week later. All in all, two great URLs, for under $1000. Trademark was filed last week, a total success story on all points. ☺