Named and branded a new product line of OTC First Aid products for hemorrhoids. First aid and personal care. Created names for five product and system and individual products. Defined brand as minimalist, modern, clean yet medically founded and doctor backed. It is a one word name that is a common name and yet was clear for Trademark. Cannot reveal name until launch within one month.

Worked on clarifying brand positioning with physician client. Advised him on message points after performing competitive analysis. Pinpointed exactly what his competitive advantage was and relayed how to communicate that to consumers. Sweden Client originally wanted spa/Zen type names, but I uncovered a marketing insight that consumers want to know a doctor is involved and product is backed by medical research so – spa/Zen was too whimsical. Also advised him how to position his product to compete against Preparation H, the industry leader.

Consulted on graphic image, logo and packaging design, trademark.

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