A carefully targeted brand name with available domains should always have a clear and powerful strategy and research behind it. Step one is always clarifying the positioning of your brand in the global marketplace today. Then, a competitive analysis, marketplace analysis, SEO research and brand positioning is included in the process.


NameGirl® Services

  • Brand, Company, Product & Domain Naming
  • Brand Name Architecture
  • Brand Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SEO & Keyword Analysis
  • Slogans & Tag Lines


Every naming package includes:

  • Brand definition
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand Positioning with your key selling points & unique value proposition
  • SEO strategy
  • Names checked for common use, search results and domain availability
  • Matching .com domain options


Additional Services:

  • Slogans & Taglines
  • Positioning Statements
  • Mission Statements
  • Branding Platforms


We work with a network of award-winning specialists that can offer you brand identity, logo design, web design & development, SEO, content strategy, copywriting and trademark assistance in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.