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Simple, clean, frictionless, new, original, futuristic, global. In English, varo means launch, and sounds like arrow. It’s inspired by the Latin word for save and guard, servare. A great name for Millennials who will be the initial launch but also easily adoptable, pronounceable and memorable across languages and markets.

The name Val for Varo’s bot/AI functionality was suggested by NameGirl and confirmed after hours of research and testing as the ideal and most organic name as it can relate to “value” and/or the name of your friendly and helpful teller.

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Docent Health’s mission is to help health systems build and retain lasting patient relationships. They combine best practices from other industries to help health systems deliver the vision of customer-centric care by combining cutting edge consumer technology, retail based strategic marketing, and hospitality inspired service excellence with deep provider experience to increase customer lifetime value and grow market share.

Founded by Oxeon Partner’s Venture Studio and with funding from Bessemer Venture Partners and NEA , Docent is launching at a critical time when the focus in healthcare is shifting from physician-centric to consumer-centric care delivery.

Accordingly, the word “docent” conveys responsibility, stewardship, and duty, as well as expertise. Although docent, or educated guide, is often associated with museums, it originates from the same word that “doctor” comes from (docere, to teach, enlighten). I am always excited about repurposing and updating words I find to suit current needs. This name syncs organically with and relays my client’s mission of educating and guiding the patient through their healthcare journey. Docent is passionate about making an impact on patient care at a time when they are at their most vulnerable — in the hospital.

One of the best compliments a namer can earn is what CEO Paul Roscoe reported a few days after launch: “The name fits like a custom-made, well-worn jacket.” Bespoke and instantly familiar, unique and therefore available for an exact-match domain and trademark, and a perfect match with the company’s “why”– fait accompli!

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“We turned to NameGirl for an expedited company naming exercise after the initial launch of the company and are thrilled w/the results. Kimberly created a name for us that fits like a custom made jacket. As we have used the name with our customers and investors, we have been even more pleased to see the frictionless “adoptability”, recall, and ease of use of the name. Kim went beyond naming to assist us with transitioning Docent Health to the next branding phase, again over delivering on all her promises and time frames. I highly recommend NameGirl for all facets of naming and brand concepting.”

– Paul Roscoe, Co Founder and CEO at Docent Health

Architecture & Naming for 3 Suites, 20 Products

Instar Analytics
Instar Planning
Instar Social

NameGirl was invited by Aspire Creative, UK, to create names for a matrix of 20 new and existing products for Kantar Media UK.  They wanted to modernize the existing names while building on the substantial brand equity of names like PeopleMeter, and asked us to create a convention for the product names with guidelines in place for naming future products.

The first to launch are a suite of Twitter TV Ratings analysis tools, created as a result of Kantar Media’s global partnership with Twitter. Broadcasters, media agencies and advertisers can use Instar Analytics, Instar Planning and Instar Social’s interactive online dashboard to view and analyze data alongside their existing TV analysis tools. The Instar suite of tools offers unparalleled insights into social TV audiences. The countries included in the launch are UK, Spain, the Nordics, Russia, and parts of Africa and Southeast Asia.

Instar is a word from Latin (“likeness, form, value”) first used in 1895 to mean to stud or adorn with stars, or to make a star of.  Since Kantar Media, the global leader in audience measurements and insights, is in essence measuring “likes,”  the name blends metaphorically and organically  with the master brand Kantar (whose meaning is related to “measurement” and “weighing”).  Just as important, it blends euphonically and poetically:  Kantar Instar.  It has plenty of “legs,” it is also a suite name for any future product ranges.  Interestingly, it is a word that went out of use around 100 years ago.  (The amateur etymologist in me loves to bring back a word as poetic as this!)

It works fluently in Kantar’s British, Spanish, EU and Russian markets.  Since it not a common word in use, it was available for trademark in multiple global markets, a feat in and of itself nowadays.

Aspire Creative did a mammoth amount of research and foundation building that we constantly referred to so that we could then create names that linked with each other seamlessly and organically across three suites. Aspire reclassified and clarified the product values and attributes and interrelationship with Kantar on an ongoing basis.  Aspire and I then worked together to name and rename the products, all the while making sure product benefits were aligned across and within the newly created suites.

It was a multi-product, multi-language, multi-country, multi-team, multi-month, multi-spreadsheet, naming and brand architecture project!

[quote_box author=”Kantar Media
(through Aspire Creative UK)” profession=””]Sincere thanks to you and the team so much again for your efforts on this incredible herculean effort – the team and I really appreciated it.” [/quote_box]


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Finding a unique and available name in the burgeoning home and garden field was a challenge, but NameGirl did just that, including an exact match domain, and trademark.


Challenge: In the jam-packed marketing agency space, find a brand name that immediately proclaims “powerful creative” – and find one that is not in use nationwide, available for trademark AND has a smartly matching .com. !! We were up against some of the most creative minds on the planet.

Flare fits the bill. It’s creative, bold, intriguing, powerful; it’s memorable and has imagery and poetry. It sounds great in conversation with humans or bots. Yet, it’s still neutral and versatile enough to imprint whatever the client wants, and can be modified from time to time.

Mission accomplished!


All nonprofits share a common dream: to make the world a better place. They also share a common reality: they rely on donors and funding to keep working toward their goals.

That’s where Eleo comes in. The people behind Eleo believe that every nonprofit—no matter its size—should have access to affordable, comprehensive online donor management software to support its crucial fundraising and donor cultivation tasks. So that’s exactly what we’ve developed.

Eleo is a product of Community Software Solutions, Inc. (CSS), a company whose specialized software has supported the social programs of numerous nonprofits and government organizations since 1991. Eleo grew out of CSS founder and CEO Mark Grossman’s commitment to supporting the vital role nonprofits play in our society. Mark realized that the company’s data management and tracking technologies could be applied to provide nonprofits large and small with useful, niche-specific, user-friendly tools to help them make the most of their donor cultivation and fundraising efforts.

Support for philanthropic work is at the heart of Eleo’s mission: our name takes its inspiration from the Greek goddess Eleos, the personification of charity and compassion (the English word eleemosynary, meaning “pertaining to charity,” stems from similar Greek roots). Our staff members are deeply engaged in charity work—both as active volunteers and as donors and supporters—and we believe in the power of nonprofits to bring about positive change.

Your organization has important work to accomplish. We want to help you make a bigger difference in the world by giving you access to software specifically designed to increase your donor cultivation and fundraising results, so you can spend your time and energy where it matters most.

sio with darker blue dot_blue tagline

“Kim has a great ‘big picture’ branding mind and just ‘gets it.’ She is very creative and has a great business sense (something rare in a creative person). She always does what she says she will do…and is very timely with her work. I will continue to use her as a resource for my branding challenges in the future.”

– Jeremy Hagen, Founder, CEO, sio

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Vesta provides resources and events to support, educate and empower people during and after separation and divorce.


I believe great names speak for themselves…


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Created an entirely new international word/name for this hi-tech start-up company- using my knowledge of international phenomes. (Pan = all, Via – roads, all roads; this is a type of search engine.) All URLs were free, and thus a name with NO search engine competition! Top of the search results effortlessly. This is a global name that is memorable and recognizable in many languages. Currently consulting with them on their multimillion business development proposals.

Because this is not a generic / descriptive name, e.g. not a computer high tech description, we are going to always be first in search results when someone types our name. This is like having a name like Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts. Ask me for more information on the advantage of not having a descriptive name and when it is best to choose this option. It is not for everyone.

ReleveProductsNamed and branded a new product line of OTC First Aid and personal care hemorroidal products for physician.  Created names for five individual and related products in the system. Defined brand as minimalist, modern, clean yet medically founded and doctor backed. Releve is a one word name that is a common name and yet was clear for Trademark.

Worked on clarifying brand positioning with physician client. Advised him on message points after performing competitive analysis. Pinpointed exactly what his unique selling point (USP) and competitive advantage were and relayed how to specifically communicate that to consumers. Client originally wanted spa/Zen type names, but I uncovered a marketing insight that consumers want to know a doctor is involved and product is backed by medical research so – spa/Zen was too whimsical. Also advised him how to position his product to compete against the industry leader which is a household name.